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18 July 2011 @ 10:03 pm
If you're looking for a nice cover, check out Clara C's Clocks on youtube. The video itself merits a watch, being too cute for words. Her original song, Offbeat, is very fun as well. 

I've got my new iPhone! I've also started working, and if this is any indication of what school is like, you probably won't be seeing many updates. Why? Because when I'm tired and want nothing better to vegetate, I will use my iPhone to surf the internet rather than go to all the trouble of opening my laptop and waiting for it to start up. I'm afraid I've slid further down on the scale of ultimate laziness. You see, I can use my phone in bed but a laptop's a bit trickier. And here's the thing, they want me to PAY FOR A LIVEJOURNAL APP. And it's not even an official livejournal app! No way, man. The only thing I've paid for is Whatsapp, and that's because I message like crazy. And that was only 99 (US) cents. Fine, I know that translates into 1.20 Sing, but it's peanuts compared to the more than 99 cents they're making me pay for a lj app. I'm pretty tempted to switch to a tumblr account, but first I'll have to check how easy that is to use on an iphone. I'd love to use more pictures in my posts, but lj is really archaic when it comes to photouploading. Not like instagram [an app which I love by the way]. It's like made for social media. You take a photo and immediately choose to upload it to some social networking site like twitter and fb. In fact you can't even just take a photo for itself, because that would make it a mere camera. 

LIVEJOURNAL PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR INACCESSIBILITY. Because honestly, when I want to blog, I want to blog quick fast and easy. 

Oh well, I suppose I'll be using livejournal a little longer for one more reason. There's something intensely satisfying about banging out letters on a keyboard. I think it's connected to all those years in secondary school when we were learning to type real quick and cool (and ended up making more spelling errors than not). You can't bang on an iPhone. Especially since I turned the keyboard sounds off. 

In somewhat more sobering news, I dented my family car backing out of the driveway yesterday. I think I went out at a slight angle, and though I was going pretty slowly, the celestial orbs have coordinated to present us with stunning starlit skies and a noticeable lack of moonlight. I mean, of course, that it was really really dark, and the houses opposite us didn't have their porch lights on which just made it darker. So I backed into my neighbours low little concrete barrier that blocks off his drain. It's like, just to the side of the gate. I'm just thankful I didn't hit anyone or any other car, which would've been worse. I did cry last night, however, tissues and tissues full of tear and snot, because I was so pissed off and upset at myself. It's like everytime I start driving something bad will happen. This is the second time I've backed into something. Come to think of it, the other accident involved the back of the car as well, ie someone crashed into the back of my car. I have no luck with bottoms, it seems, including my own, which seems to have swelled to a ridiulous size ever since I stopped running. 

When papa comes back from overseas, I must join him on runs. The man has been waking up at 6 every day to run half an hour at the hotel gym. Dedication or what. He says he wants to live to an old old age, and I couldn't be more pleased. [Not being ironic or sarcastic.] (: 
[I'm listening to]: Clocks, Clara C covering Coldplay